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Durian Cheese Cake

East meet west, our king of fruit mixed with cream cheese, who can posibility resist it?! Size S:..

RM120.00 Ex Tax: RM120.00

Earl Grey Tea Cake

Spongy cake with nice and rich earl grey smell, perfect match for your afternoon tea ! Size S: 6 ..

RM90.00 Ex Tax: RM90.00

Fruit Basket

Light and spongy chiffon with layer fresh cream. Top with best selection of fresh fruits ! Size S..

RM110.00 Ex Tax: RM110.00

Baked Blueberry Cheese Tartlets

Baked cream cheese with Blueberry filling in a mini tart crust. It's a best bites for any events / m..

RM48.00 Ex Tax: RM48.00


Its not a lollipop, is a Cake + Lollipop!Minimum order: 12 pcs (basic flavor : dark chocolate + whit..

RM3.00 Ex Tax: RM3.00

Chocolate Cream Cupcake

-Heavy & tasty chocolate cupcake filled with dark chocolate cream & frosting-Surcharge for c..

RM72.00 Ex Tax: RM72.00

Chocolate Indulgence

Best for chocolate die-hard fans . This layered dark & white chocolate cream cake, covered with ..

RM90.00 Ex Tax: RM90.00


A finger-shaped cream puff, filled with custard cream and topped with chocolate or IcingSize S =&nbs..

RM60.00 Ex Tax: RM60.00

Flourless Blueberry Yogurt Cheese Cake

-Healthy flourless cake suitable for those who is on diet -Nicely 3 color layer made from fresh b..

RM100.00 Ex Tax: RM100.00

Fresh Fruits Cupcakes

Soft & fluffy cupcakes top with frosting & fresh fruitSize S: box of 16 pcsSize L: ..

RM72.00 Ex Tax: RM72.00

Gift Box 1

-Mixture of 4pcs mini pastries in a box. Best as gift for welcoming, farewell, full moon etc-Box of ..

RM20.00 Ex Tax: RM20.00

Gift Box 2

-A box of gift filled with love for your loved one! -5 roses + 10 choco dip strawberries per box ..

RM75.00 Ex Tax: RM75.00

Honey Cake

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…   Try our smooth honey flavored cake top with bu..

RM72.00 Ex Tax: RM72.00

Lemon Tartlets

Try this fresh sweet sour & zesty taste tart. Filled with our special lemon filling. Suitable fo..

RM48.00 Ex Tax: RM48.00