myALSY POS System

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myALSY POS System




Sell anywhere and simplify your business operations with centralised inventory.


Getting started


What is myALSY POS?

myALSY POS is a software that allow you to sell your products at pop ups, markets or in-store. From updating inventory and retail price, creating new customers, searching for existing customers, order processing, accepting payments to sending receipt by email are all feasible using myALSY POS.


How do I install myALSY POS?

There’s no installation required. When you list your items at myALSY, your products will automatically synchronise with the POS software. So, you don’t have to add your products manually into your myALSY POS. You can access your myALSY POS from your seller account. Please let us know if you are unable to see the myALSY POS feature in your seller account.


What do I need in order to start selling with myALSY POS?

All you need is a tablet or a laptop where you can access your myALSY POS. myALSY POS works with retail hardware such as credit card terminal and barcode scanner.




Do I need to be online to use myALSY POS?

No. myALSY POS can be used in online or offline mode. You can use myALSY POS while offline, your inventories will be synchronised seamlessly to your myALSY store when you are connected.


Which countries and currencies are usable with myALSY POS?

myALSY POS works in most major country and currency.


Are there any additional fees to use myALSY POS?

No. When you sell at myALSY, you get our POS system included.


Can I use myALSY POS if I have multiple retail outlets?

Yes. You can allocate certain products to multiple retail outlets.


Can I use myALSY POS if I have more than one employee?

Yes, you can give access myALSY POS to more than one employee.


What other available features of myALSY POS?

  • Browse products

  • Update product’s price at the check out

  • Add a customer account

  • Create a new customer before check out

  • Select existing customers

  • Manage inventory quantity

  • Add line-item discount

  • Add cart discount

  • Add a discount code

  • Accept payment such cash and credit card terminal that accepts debit cards and credit cards

  • Hold any order for later processing to carry out more urgent orders

  • Automatically mark orders as fulfilled

  • Barcode scanner input

  • Easy real-time offline and online data synchronisation


Accepting payments


What methods of payment can my customers use?

You can accept any method of payment with myALSY POS such as cash, credit cards and debit cards.

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